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  • Moonwalk and Bounce House Game Ideas
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    Rent a Moonwalk, Bounce House or Inflatable Slide For Your Next Event!

    Want your kids to have a birthday they'll remember forever?

    Rent a moonwalk, bounce house, inflatable slide or obstacle course, throw in some fun festival foods like a sno cone machine or cotton candy machine and some carnival games and you've got a phenomenal carnival in your own backyard!

    Fun and Safety Go Hand in Hand

    Be sure to check out our checklist of things to ask your Moonwalk Rental, company- these simple guidelines will help to ensure your party or event goes smoothly and everyone has a good time.

    If you'll be monitoring the bounce house or slide yourself, take a look at our moonwalk operation guidelines and inflatable emergency procedures. They are provided to you as a service to help you have a wonderful and safe event!

    Moonwalk Games

    If you rent your bounce house or moonwalk for a full day, you'll need a little organized play to get the most fun out of your rental! We've put together some tried and true games you and your little ones can play in the bounce house and we've separated them out by age. Take a look at our moonwalk games:

    What Should I Rent?

    If you are confused by some of the terminology you find on the moonwalk rental sites, we highly recommend you check out the Association of Inflatable Rental Company Operator's site at AIRCO Inflatable Information.

    Parties, Festivals, School and Church Carnivals and Corporate Events

    Inflatables are impressive and fun rides that will have everyone excited! We break down local companies by state so that you can easily find someone who rents moonwalks, bounce houses, inflatable slides or games in your area. Be sure to click through their link to visit their site to see what they carry.

    Have a wonderful party!

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