5 Things You Need to Ask a Moonwalk Rental Company

Throwing a party, even a kid’s party is a lot of work.  That is probably why party planners are so popular, but when all of the work falls on your shoulders then you need to find fun activities for everyone to do.  If you want to make sure that your party is a hit then renting a Moonwalk is a great way to make sure that happens.  Once you have decided it is time to do your due diligence to get the right rental company and make sure your guests have a great time. Here are 5 things you need to ask a Moonwalk rental company.

  1. Is the rental company licensed? There are dozens of Moonwalk rental companies that are more than happy to take your money, that doesn’t mean you’re going to enjoy working with them. It is pretty easy to throw a website together but that doesn’t make their business legitimate. Companies are required to be licensed to help protect the consumer so make sure that the company you deal with has their license.
  2. Do they have insurance? Although it is extremely rare accidents can happen.  Some companies opt to skip getting insurance because it is so expensive.  Real businesses make sure they have the right insurance in case of accidents and in some jurisdictions it is the law, so don’t be afraid to ask.
  3. Do they clean between rentals? You really shouldn’t have to ask this it should be a give but do it anyway.  In this day and age with Covid around you want to double check and make sure that they clean and sanitize before and after every rental.  The last thing you want is to jump into someone else’s sticky mess.
  4. How old is the equipment? Like anything else, cheap or older equipment will breakdown far more often than something new of high quality.  Commercial grade Bounce Houses will be made from a sturdy vinyl and you don’t have to worry about leaks when you’re guests are using the equipment.
  5. What kind of Moonwalks do they have? There are typically two types of Moonwalks that you can rent, ones that go into the yard and the kind that you can put in water.  Among those two variations there are tons of themes.  Large inflatable water slides are typically the same, you can bounce or slide into the water.  Land based inflatables come in all kinds of themes from a dinosaur to a complicated pirate ship with lots of climbing apparatus.  Talk to the company to see what they have to offer and what works with your theme.

Make sure that in addition to asking these basic questions you also want to check reviews to get an idea of the kinds of experiences that previous customers may have had.

Why Book a Moonwalk

So what is a moonwalk, other than the dance Michael Jackson made famous, and why would you want to have one at your next party.  Moonwalk is just a fancy name for an inflatable or bouncy house.  It is simply a structure that you inflate with air and everyone from toddler to adult loves playing on them.  You can set them up in a back yard or you can use them on water to add to summer fun.

Why Book a Moonwalk?

Everybody loves inflatables and they come in a variety of different sizes, from the smaller units meant for toddlers to giant inflatables nearly as big as your home.  People most commonly book them for kids’ birthday parties but they have become so popular that you can find them at fairs, carnivals and corporate events.

They keep kids entertained and more importantly safe at parties.  It gets kids outdoors and enjoying physical activity, something they may not get enough of these days.  As a parent if you are trying to make your child’s birthday party something special then renting a Moonwalk or bouncy house is a surefire way to have a hit.

Finding a Rental Company

Rental companies are everywhere and you will have plenty of choices when it comes to renting an inflatable.  If you do a quick Google search there are probably a dozen companies or more within driving distance to your event.  Take the time to check out their ratings and reviews and their websites to see the different kinds of inflatables that they offer.  Double check the size and the ages that they are rated for, you want to make sure they are appropriate for the kids or adults coming to your party.  Here is a quick look at just what you can get when you rent a Moonwalk.

Most companies will come out to your venue and take care of setting up everything for you.  The will help you to pick the right spot, and take care of inflating the Moonwalk.  They will walk you through all of the safety measure that you need to adhere to so that everyone stays safe.  There will have to be adult supervision to make sure that everyone takes off their shoes and that no food and drink go into the bounce house.  You also want to make sure that big kids and little kids don’t go in at the same time and there aren’t too many kids in their at once.

Moonwalks are a ton of fun and booking one for your child’s birthday party is guaranteed to make it a success.